Hi there. Thanks for exploring my online portfolio.  My given name is James, but my family and friends all call me Seamus. In fact the only person that would call me James was my mother, and when she did I knew I was in trouble. I am currently working on contract-basis as a Creative Director with a handful of clients, affording me the luxury to take the time necessary to search for my next professional adventure. My focus and passions is to always understand, communicate, and execute upon user behavior through both quantitate and qualitative research and analysis. I aim to bring the design and engineering process closely together, focusing on creating experiences (first and foremost) for the user while taking business and brand needs into consideration from the start. My goal is to always test, learn, and ship quality results effeciently.

I graduated from The School at The Museum of Fine Arts at TUFTS University with a degree in Graphic Design.

I live in Los Angeles, CA, but I am open to remote work as well as relocation.

I am an avid adventure motorcyclist, and in my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, soccer, and ice hockey. I also love to read, cook, and travel.

In my next life, I plan on being a carpenter.


I am a seasoned creative director, but first and foremost I am an artist. I visualize things, and I bring those visuals to life utilizing a multitude of mediums. I am a lover of all things clean and modern, with a unique perspective on form and function, use and usability, all combined to make a truly great design. My work is directly inspired by my study of the psychology of marketing; The who, what, where, when, and whys that lead to the decisions we make, from what we purchase to what we wear, there are reasons behind those decisions, and ultimately those decisions create the tapestry that is woven into the fabric of who we are as individuals. Proper design cannot be limited to words and pictures on a page or a screen; it has to evoke emotions that lead to a response, and in that response is where you’ll find the difference between good and great design.


I’ve been a professional designer for over 20 years, and I’ve worked on literally hundreds of design projects for clients from a variety of industries. As a professional with a wealth of experience in directing projects, I listen carefully to my clients’ needs, first by identifying the client’s desired outcome, then proposing the best solutions to meet those needs, and then finally implementing the solutions giving the client their end result. I am driven by passion and purpose, creating design solutions for my clients brings me joy, but what makes me even happier is witnessing my client’s success – that’s when I know that I’ve made a difference.


As the title states, I deliver solutions, not options. Although it is important for the client’s desires and ideas to remain an essential part of the overall design process, I believe that if someone contracts me to direct a design project, they are hiring me based on their appreciation and belief in my work and vision. I put a lot of time and effort into studying my client’s marketplace, competition, and the most recent industry-related forecasts. I zig when other people are zagging, to stay one step ahead of the competition while increasing my client’s brand awareness and loyalty.  There is a science to this process, one that I have practiced for several years. So while several options may be important in other industries and services, I believe that often times it can only add unneeded confusion to the project’s purpose, as well as causing delays in delivery.


For more than 15 years I have been building and managing design teams with one focus in mind; deliver the best designs for our clients, while enjoying ourselves in the process. For a team to truly be creative, they must be united. They first must enjoy coming to work every day and be consistently reminded of how the skills they bring to a project are appreciated. There is no better confidence builder, individual or team, than that of appreciation. I keep things light with my teams, we have fun, we tell jokes, we enjoy ourselves while enjoying our work, but most importantly – we deliver the goods each and every time.


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